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MultiGlo - light waves ahead
By Friedhelm Dohmann

It all began one evening between friends. One was a musician, the other a salon owner. The conversation turned to recent concerts and the fact that most of the people were carrying glow sticks and waving them during the songs. That's when the salon owner had a bright idea. Could it be possible to take the contents out of the glow sticks and turn them into an open-air application?

A patent search revealed that this idea had not been explored and after a few days, experiments using a variety of ingredients began. Clemson University's chemistry department was engaged to streamline the tests.

Within months a successful formula was found; a patent sample was produced and a patent was filed. Now finally the self illuminating Hair Gel Voltage™ reaches the market in four bright colors. It creates its own light, no black lights needed. It lasts for hours. It is safe and non-toxic and washes out easily with shampoo. Stand out at concerts and in clubs. Lighten up the evening party, at outside games or on Halloween. Get your choice of color below or visit our main site at "hairglo.com".

Specify Color:
Yellow, Green, Orange or Blue
or mix your colors at checkout!
US$9.95 per single item
Email us for Quantity Discounts

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