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August/September News:

Kristie has just landed a residency at THE MINT in Los Angeles. She will be performing every Tuesday during September there with the full band! These shows are a MUST SEE:

Every Tuesday in September 9:30PM @ The Mint
W. Pico Boulevard
Los Angeles, California

...well, Kristie is hard at work (as always)...back in the studio recording MORE new material...and rehearsing weekly with her 'new' band!

She has finely found the boys to back up her amazing music...and they bring their own driving intensity and unparalleled musicianship to the table as well! The end result is music which is unique, melodic and memorable. And...100% DeLuca!

With DeLuca leading the charge...breaking the mold...ROCKING as only she can...this line-up is here to stay! Thank goodness for that!

The 'LIVE' shows in Los Angeles have been nothing short of incredible! The audience knows that they are witnessing an artist like no other on the planet! Just read the review on this page by Bob Leggett critiquing Kristie's performance in Santa Monica at the Temple Bar.

He's a staff writer/club reviewer for Music Connection magazine...who, after the show, came up to Kristie and said, "You are the best artist I've seen in L.A. in over two years!" His review on her and the band speaks for itself. Check it out!

Take a look at the 'NEW' YouTube video on Kristie's MySpace site of the band rehearsing 'OVER & OVER'!

Peace all...!


Well, it's official...!

Kristie signed on with Victoria Blake Management.

Victoria has worked with an 'A' list of successful talent including Tyler Hilton, Courtney Love & Tool as a music manager. She also handles the business side of things for Depeche Mode...this woman gets 'R-E-S-P-E-C-T' from both sides of the BIZ!

Now, you can add Kristie DeLuca to that list! Everyone involved is very excited for what lays ahead! What a perfect match!

You wanted more songs ...

We added three MP3's "40 Days", "Trail Of Roses" and "Lie To Me" to our "Gigs" menu. You might listen to a piece of "Trail Of Roses" in the background now.

Go to and ADD A COMMENT...Let her know what you think of it!

NEW SONGS featured on this month:

Over & Over
Wanna Be The One
Josey's Apartment

Stay tuned 'DeLuca Fanatics'...much, much more to come in the near future!

As always...thanks for the support!

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