EccoPro still alive

By Friedhelm Dohmann
ECCO PRO still alive     FBshare
By Friedhelm Dohmann

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For any help, network installation options, program extensions or templates on how to use EccoPro most efficiently we invite you to join our original Yahoo EccoPro User Group. We also offer fee-based assistance at our EccoPro Professional Support Group and after moderator approval just redirect your email to

Some members have figured out how to manipulate Ecco’s program structure, and are able to enhance the use of EccoPro with the help of some program extensions in areas never thought of before. If you are interested in additional features of EccoPro please visit our new site at

Thanks to the Ecco extensions, the modified auto assign idea injected something new - Ecco has become an item-by-item power text parser. Ecco can take a set of data, and item by item, locate/analyze/group/distill the data into discrete groups with calculated values for each item. Thus, for example, you can flag all credit card charges over a certain amount, automatically sort credit charges by location, track by date of transaction (using ecco calendar), etc. You can even dump large text blocks (one per item, up to 32k) and auto perform statistics, assigning it to folders based on content, etc.

Ecco Version 2

Study EccoPro History by visiting the 1993 Press Release of Arabesque Software. Get familiar with the persons which designed the original EccoPro at Arabesque Quick Facts. See their unique vision for EccoPro described in The Quest for Perfect Information Management. To check CompuSol - Creative Services's 20 year old history with EccoPro please read CompuSol and EccoPro here.

CompuSol - Creative Services offers downloads of several EccoPro ADD-ONs CCPro, Catalyst Tools, Forms and Reporter, older 16-bit Windows versions. They might not work with your present operating system. Please backup your system, be aware of and use them in accordance with the Software License included in all Download Packages. To download CCPro Version 1.2 click here.

Again, to synchronize your EccoPro, Google, Gmail, Windows or Thunderbird's Contacts to an Android phone or tablet download the MyPhoneExplorer Ecco Edition and on your Android the free MyPhoneExplorer Client from the Google Play Store. Connect your phone via WiFi, USB cable or Bluetooth and you'll be surprised how easy and efficient it will be to manage your phone from your Desktop with our Synchronization Software. To find out more about MyPhoneExplorer and download the Desktop Version click here.

Anybody who is interested in the EccoPro Version 3.01 - Intellilink 3.1.1 Combo click here. Intellilink works only with ECCO Version 3... but it's worth it. It saves many steps getting data in and out of ECCO. Intellilink links Ecco with ACT, ASCII text delimited, CaLANdar, Casio devices, Commence, dBase, Franklin, HP OmniBook and HP 95LX, Lotus Organizer, Excel, Schedule, Word, PackRat, Paradox, Psion 3 and 3A, many Sharp devices, Sharp Zaurus, Sidekick, Tandy devices, Windows Cardfile and WordPerfect. Of course, Intellilink was written in the mid-90's and might not work with your present operating system. Make Backups! The Intellilink Version 3.1.1 is the last version which supported EccoPro (Version 3). But EccoPro V.3 will open all your Version 4 files!

Click here to review a PIM comparison of EccoPro 4.01 published by PC Magazine in August of 1997.

Again, we are committed to keep legacy software like EccoPro with a development stop in 1997 alive. Your support will help us doing so. Our very low annual membership fee of $20 has to cover shared Research and Development costs with developers overseas and here in the US. To register your membership visit our registration page.

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