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PALM HotSync with EccoPro
By Friedhelm Dohmann

It's likely that you may have a Smartphone older than the 755p or from a different manufacturer who uses a Palm operating system with "special features" like the Sony Clie units. If you have an older version of the Palm Desktop software installed, you should uninstall it an and restart your computer before installing the new version. See the remarks towards the end of this page regarding uninstalling your old version.

If you are using the new Palm Pre you might consider purchasing MotionApps Classic v2.0. "Classic" will provide a bridge to your Palm applications like Palm Desktop Version 6.2. The PDF tutorial "HotSync with Classic" will explain the hotsync process with Palm webOS devices. Be aware that you can sync only data that are in Classic, you would not be able to sync contacts that are in the native webOS (Palm Pre) Contacts application.

Once you install the new Palm Desktop and do an initial sync with your Palm Device please follow the specific steps here to enable your future HotSync process with your EccoPro software.

1. Again, install your Palm Desktop software. Just let let the installation routine install the program to its default location, unless you'd rather install it elsewhere.

2. Shutdown and restart your system (reboot). If you own an original Palm device and installed EccoPro with our brand-new Windows 32-bit installation or Windows 64-bit installation package you don't need to edit the Windows Registry. Skip the next steps and right click the HotSync Manager toolbar icon, adjust the "Settings" for "Applications" (click "Show details") and set the actions for the corresponding Palm Desktop applications to "Do nothing". OTHERWISE:

3. Edit the Windows Registry by opening the Registry Editor click Start->Run->regedit and navigate to this location:

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\U.S. Robotics\Pilot Desktop]

When you install EccoPro's Palm conduit files (we'll do that later), they MUST be allowed to name themselves here with the names the ECCO developers gave them:


So, if you see any other "Applications" (or "Components") here that have any of these names, change the names to end with higher numbers. Like "Application4" and "Application5" (or "Components4, Components5").

That's it -- you're done. Now, exit out of the Registry editor.

4. Shutdown and restart your system (reboot).

5. Install the ECCO Palm conduit files. Just use the SETUP32.EXE file you've downloaded. If you already have EcooPro installed, you just need to choose the option to install the "Pilot connectivity files". Remember, the Install procedure with the original setup.exe might take some time since it will search for prior installations. If you haven't installed ECCO at all, just go ahead and install it, making sure to choose the option to install the "Pilot connectivity files."

6. Shutdown and restart your system (reboot).

To not mix your new four EccoPro conduits (Application0, 1, 2, 3) with the related Palm Desktop conduits I strongly recommend going back into the Registry and naming all of them accordingly by right-clicking the Application0->New->String Value where you type in "Name" and the "Value data" Ecco Datebook. (like Ecco Memo Pad, Ecco Datebook etc.)



One more step. After you did all of the above, rebooting in between the steps, you should adjust your EccoPro and your HotSync settings. Start and/or Right-Click the HotSync icon in your tray and click on "Settings"->"Applications". Checkmark "Show details" and uncheck the original Palm Desktop items "Date Book", "Address Book", "To Do List" and "Memo Pad". To be secure configure them to "Do nothing" to prevent any conflict with the four EccoPro conduits. All other original Palm Desktop applications like "Media", "Backup" and "Install Services" should HotSync with no problem.



Now ECCO and your Palm device ought to work just fine.

Don't forget if you're getting a new Palm device that replaces an old one, you should uninstall the old Palm Desktop before installing all the new stuff. I would also recommend deleting the entire U.S. Robotics registry key mentioned above, so the installation routines will create a new, clean one. Additionally, you will find out that the EccoPro conduits are controlled not by the HotSync Manager but by the "Pilot HotSync Options" feature found in ECCO's "Tools" menu. You would start with a "Full Sync" on all four applications which depending on your data might take some time. After that, switch back to "Normal Sync".

Synch Options

EccoPro provides an EXCELLENT overview in its included "Help" file. Go to Help->Contents, and then click on the "Importing and Exporting" item shown on the resulting window. Down at the bottom of the resulting list is this item: "Using ECCO with the U.S. Robotics® Pilot PDA".

Read it and study it. You will learn how to set up the Pilot HotSync options, and, more importantly, it describes the way EccoPro folders are used to sync the information to and from the Palm device. Read all about the "Pilot Memos" folder in order to learn how to get information to the Palm device's "Memo Pad" application. Dream and comprehend how this will allow you to send virtually anything and everything in your EccoPro File to the Palm device, simply by including that folder in your views as a column, and assigning a value to the item in that column. Then, you can spend more time chopping everything up into memo-sized chunks so they'll actually make it over to your Palm device.

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