EccoPro still alive

By Friedhelm Dohmann

Experience EccoProX for XP, Vista, Windows 7/8 and Windows 10. Compared to the Standard Installer Version you will find a vast improved Information Manager which brings together your contacts, calendar, appointments, tasks and projects in one integrated application.

The flexibility to adjust to the needs of different professions and individuals, the ability to customize the layout for the most efficient use and the powerful capability to view information in the context of related information is what separates EccoPro from other Information Management software.

To download the regular EccoPro or the tested and stable EccoProX Installation which includes Slang's free Ecco Extension Version sign up for your EccoPro Support Membership here.

  • Contact Management: track your calls, appointments, expenses, letters and faxes; create reminders, review contact logs; and more.
  • Intelligent Address Book: collect names; home, business, and email addresses; phone and fax numbers; set birthday and anniversary reminders; and add other notes, all in one place.
  • Scheduling: keep one calender for all your appointments, tasks, one time and recurring group meetings.
  • Handheld Support: Synchronization with Android Phones and Tablets. For more information visit our MyPhoneExplorer site. Here is our latest MyPhoneExplorer support video.
  • Unique Workgroup Functionality: share contacts, schedules, and outlines via network file sharing or email with your co-workers.
  • Strong User Support Groups: EccoPro is supported worldwide by more than 7000+ members in User Groups at Yahoo and CompuSol - Creative Services

We moved our membership system to our portal Creative Services. At the same time, we repackaged the EccoPro related ZIP files according to the subject matter and indexed the content whenever possible. Additionally, we made the EccoPro video tutorials available as downloads so you can study them offline in the comfort of your home. Our new installers include an EccoPro template by Wil Ussery called "Control.ect" based on the book "Master Your Workday Now!" by Michael Linenberger. He has created a very streamlined approach to tracking the "stuff" that needs to be handled on a daily basis.

If you need help, a knowledge base and a new support ticket system is ready to answer your questions. If you are a current member you can use your email address to login. You will find the EccoPro Download section under My Services -> Product Downloads - EccoPro Support Membership -> Details. To sign up for a new EccoPro Support Membership click here.

CompuSol-Creative Services will keep EccoPro alive. We just updated our latest Standard EccoPro 32-bit and 64-bit installers for XP, Vista, Windows 7/8 & 10 and developed a "one-click" EccoProX Installer which includes Slang's famous Extensions and many other fixes of the original EccoPro. The new installer is limited to three installations per user and the user has to be a member of CompuSol's EccoPro support portal. If you are a corporate entity or a university or college and need additional licenses please contact us. You can register if you click here!

All of the new Installers will allow EccoPro to launch location and weather maps to business and home addresses, it will add Microsoft Help program updates necessary for Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8, the Ecco32.exe.manifest file for improved drop down menus. The Installer will also take care of all file and folder permissions for Windows and will fix Registry issues related to data synchronization. Manual editing of the Windows Registry is no longer a requirement. Please read the upgrade details inside the included "Readme.txt" file.

Here are some recent comments: "Using EccoPro on a Windows 8 tablet works fine. The 64-bit installer worked well and I have been using Ecco for about 6 month now with a pre-release version of Windows 8 ...", D.M. Cypress, CA and "WOW! I had no idea the software was being attended to in this fashion. I'll have to spend some time re-examining this software option", M.B. Chicago, IL. To read more please click here. At the same time please join us and click the "like" button on our Facebook Page at Facebook/EccoPro.

To synchronize your EccoPro data to your Android phone or tablet download the MyPhoneExplorer Ecco Edition and on your Android the free MyPhoneExplorer Client from the Google Play Store. Connect your phone via WiFi, USB cable or Bluetooth and you'll be surprised how easy and efficient it will be to manage your phone from your Desktop with our Synchronization Software. To find out more about MyPhoneExplorer and download the Desktop Version click here.

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