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We don't beat around the bush ...

Where once just heat and humidity, marsh, swamp and "buggy" travel ruled, settlers and merchants created. Thanks to them a lot was built over the years and without getting into the varied definitions of creativity, if you are making something, or selling something that wasn't there before, then you are being creative, and if it serves others as well as yourself - it's a creative service. This is what we do. To our initial surprise and great joy, we're good at it.

We'd like to do it for you. You choose the kind of media, may it be distributed per air waves, CD's or DVD's, on-line or print and we will help with design strategies, architectures and implementation. We assure your content production, which might contain photography, video, graphic design and copy layout, is based on aesthetic design concepts and principles. But we don't stop there. If not already assigned, we can recommend distribution channels and advise you in contract negotiations.

Today's multi media environments call for a marriage of broadcast producers and online/interactive content producers. Friedhelm Dohmann's 38 years of history in film and TV and 14 years of web design exemplifies an innovative professional with a proven ability to identify, analyze, and solve problems which might arise by using source media in various distribution channels.

Consider us. Please check our CreativeServices.org to see some history snippets of our creativity.

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